About Golden Dreams and Lead Balloons

I’m super shy and taking my first tentative steps into the world of blogging, so … here are my feet! I happen to like my feet, which is a little weird I know, but I do. I also like the sun on my skin, afternoon tea and real friendship.

I’m a mummy to beautiful twin girls who are as different as two people can be and (mostly) the best of friends. They are my sunshine, along with my gorgeous husband who loves and cares for me in sickness and in (lack of) health, with the patience and kindness of a saint while still maintaining that he’s the lucky one.

I live life with a high capacity mind in a low capacity body and after over 20 years of illness I’m still not at peace with that. What I feel like I can do, and what I can actually do are worlds apart and with each passing year and each relapse that gap is harder and harder to ignore. As the disappointments become too hard to bear I’m trying to live in the reality of my body but determined to do so joyfully, hopefully and contentedly.

Right now I don’t know how – at the age of 32 I’m taking baby steps!

I’d love it if you’d join me x